Callidus won't make you prettier,
but it will make you rich!
Be your own personal banker!
Buy the only fintech franchise in the world!
Everything you use in our system (website, card, app, support, etc.) you use in your native language. We provide content in the largest number of languages in the industry.
Security as a top priority
Top-notch security is our top priority. Biometric user authentication methods and a 3-D security protocol make our users absolutely protected.
The most affordable prices on the EU market for Callidus packages (bank account and card, sending money, withdrawing cash, etc.) and for the Callidus franchise (entering the fintech industry).
If we have met your expectations, recommend the Callidus package or the Callidus franchise to others and get your package for free, and high earnings, through realized recommendations.
It is wise to have control over your finances
and to easily make money
Callidus Private package - the right solution for online banking, receiving and spending money

Everything you need for your online banking, for receiving and spending money, you have in one registration process. Callidus Private package includes a bank account with Swedish IBAN and debit cards - 1 physical (classic-plastic) and 1 virtual (ideal for online banking). It only takes a few minutes to start using the most innovative fintech solution on the market, in your native language.

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Callidus franchise - become "your own boss" in business with Visa and Mastercard

Start your own fintech business, by becoming a Callidus franchise owner, and earn huge profits in the fastest-growing industry of the 21st century. Your only job is to direct potential customers to our website. We have prepared everything you need for that to work out. Get a return on your investment in just six months! Don't worry, we will always support you, providing everything you need to run your business successfully.

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How to get your free Private Package?

If the Callidus Private Package has met your expectations, please recommend it to your friends, family, colleagues, and others directly through the Callidus app or marketing materials. Upon registration of each of your referrals, you receive a discount on the price of your Private Package until your Callidus Private Package is completely free. It is important that all your referrals are registered with your personal Callidus code that all our customers receive upon registration. But that's not all, you also get a discount when your referrals extend the annual subscription - so that's your permanent benefit!

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Increase the visibility and profits of your existing business

Every Callidus franchise owner can be a cashback partner. Offer a unique discount on your product/service for all Callidus card holders, increase the visibility of your business, and improve your business today.

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With Callidus Pay, through Intergiro, to Visa and Master card
Quick and easy installation of the application - ; in your native language
Available both for iOS and Android!
Callidus Private package
One of the most affordable online banking solutions in the EU - only EUR 2.99 per month
You can send money between your accounts, as well as to other Callidus users, completely free of charge, regardless of the amount
Very low costs of using the package: receiving money, withdrawing money from an ATM anywhere in the world, currency conversion, etc.
Using all the advantages and saving money through our Callidus cashback partners
And all of this - in your native language
Callidus franchise
Very low initial investment
You become the owner of a company that recommends products from brands such as Visa and Mastercard
With our franchise manual, you very quickly acquire all the necessary knowledge for your personal success in the fintech industry
Through our presentation videos and other marketing materials, you will recommend our products very effectively
You have full support from Callidus Pay all the time
And all this in your native language
Take your money and your earnings into your own hands

Callidus replaces other expensive bank cards by enabling cheap receipt and issuance of money, receipt of salary and other income to the Callidus account, withdrawal of money from ATMs, and many other advantages in working with the card. In addition, through the Callidus franchise, you can start your own fintech business and earn high profits. Your funds are kept with the Swedish EMI institution, which also regulates and guarantees for them, all until you withdraw the money or send it somewhere else. In addition, our business is supported by the German Franchise Association, an organization that brings together some of the largest franchise business companies in the world.

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