Get The Most From Your Cashback Listing

The Callidus cashback system is free for Callidus franchise owners. However, it is not insignificant. On the contrary, it can be beneficial to your core business in many ways. The system is designed so, that, when you register, all Callidus package and franchise owners receive information about a new registered cashback partner. In the Callidus application, users can search Callidus cashback partners and offers, and filter them by country, city, distance from their current location, which greatly increases the visibility of cashback partners. On this page you can find complete instructions on how to be a very successful cashback partner.

What does the cashback offer look like in the Callidus app?
Below is an example of what a cashback offer looks like in the Callidus application. Each offer contains images, a description, the type and amount of the discount, and the address and contact information that leads customers to your offer.
How can I be a successful cashback partner?

How to register as a cashback partner and enter my business data into the system?

What does my cashback offer look like in the Callidus app?

How to update my data/offering?

How to search for other cashback offers in the Callidus app?

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