Quick and easy access to bank accounts and payment cards

Install the Callidus app, register within a few minutes, all in your native language, and order your card delivered to your home address within 7 days! Get paid, receive, and send money with the Callidus card. Be your own personal banker!

To become the Callidus Private Package owner you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a permanent residence in the EU (Callidus cards are delivered exclusively to addresses in EU countries)
  • Pass a KYC check

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Visa Card
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Callidus Private Package Includes
An account with Swedish IBAN, available immediately
1 Physical Debit Card
Our card can be used to pay and withdraw money in more than 200 countries around the world
1 Virtual Debit Card
The ideal solution for electronic payment, active immediately upon order
2,99 EUR
per month
The Callidus application/card can do everything that any other
bank application/card can do, and even more:
Scan&Pay (pay by scanning a QR code)
The Callidus application allows users to charge for their services very quickly by creating a QR code that the customer needs to scan and make the payment. The money is immediately in your account.
The cheapest money transfer - 0 EUR
Money transfer between two Callidus users, no matter where they are (within or outside the EU) is completely free! Regardless of the amount sent, 1 EUR or 10.000 EUR, zero fees!
Bank account and payment cards - 0 EUR
If you like Callidus, please recommend it to friends, family, colleagues, and others. Everyone who registers through your referral (using your Callidus code) gets you a direct discount, as long as your membership is completely free!
Pay with Callidus card - save money
The Callidus cashback system is being developed to be a network of companies (restaurants, hotels, shops, all possible types of companies), throughout the EU, which give certain discounts on their products/services exclusively to Callidus users. All you have to do is pay with a Callidus card and get a great discount. A list of all Callidus cashback partners is available in our application.
You can download and install the Callidus application here
Available both for iOS and Android!
Why Callidus Card?
I can be my own personal banker in my native language
I can send money to my family and friends inside and outside the EU for free
The monthly costs of the Callidus card and Callidus account are the lowest in the EU
With only minimal effort, I can even have this lowest price completely for free!
I can withdraw money from any ATM at the lowest price
I can pay in non-EUR currencies up to 20% cheaper than anywhere else
And many other reasons...
I want to get my card for free - how?

When you register on the Callidus app, you will receive a unique personalized Callidus code that you use to recommend Callidus Private Packages and Callidus franchise licenses to others.


If Callidus has met your expectations, please recommend it to your friends, family, colleagues, and others directly through the Callidus app or marketing materials, with your given Callidus referral code. Each user who registers with your code reduces your annual subscription price.


The best of all is that, apart from no horizontal limitations where you can directly recommend Callidus to an unlimited number of new customers, recommending also works in 4 levels of depth vertically. If you refer Callidus to your friend who refers it to their friend, and so on 4 levels deep, you profit from all referrals, and your annual subscription price is reduced accordingly.


After 36 directly or indirectly referred new registered customers in your Callidus code system, which is visible in your Callidus app, you get your annual Callidus Private Package maintenance completely free!


If you conclude that you are successful in recommending Callidus to new users, why not become a Callidus Franchise owner and start your fintech business today? You can make high earnings with an activity you are already familiar with - a referral. We look forward to your entry into the Callidus franchise business.

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