All about your franchise business, in one place!

As a Callidus franchise owner, you always have our support. We are here to back you up. On this page, you can find plenty of educational material, quite enough for you to be able to run your fintech business smoothly.

Recommend Callidus packages and franchise through video material

This is the fastest and easiest way to inform your friends, family, colleagues and your other contacts about the benefits of the Callidus package and the Callidus franchise. You can distribute video materials directly, but also through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and other electronic media.

Callidus franchise video
The Franchise Manual - Your Source of Knowledge

The Franchise Manual brings together, in one place, all you need to know about the Callidus franchise business. What are the prerequisites for buying a franchise, who are our target customers, how to reach them, with which marketing tools, how to finalize the recommendation, and much more. We recommend to every Callidus franchise owner study this manual thoroughly.

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How to register as a franchise owner?

Which channels to use to recommend Callidus products?

How to register as a cashback partner?

Provision calculation

Other important information

Franchise contract

Forbidden activities

How to download personalized marketing materials?

How to cancel the cooperation?

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