Our support in your registration to get the Callidus package

In order to facilitate and simplify your process of registration, usage, and obtaining the free Callidus Private Package, we guide you step by step to the realization of your wishes and goals. All information about the registration of the Private Package, ways of recommending and working with the card, and how to become a franchise owner from a package owner are on this page.

Recommend Callidus packages via video material

This is the fastest and easiest way to inform your friends, family, colleagues and your other contacts about the benefits of the Callidus package. When you see that you are successful in referrals, we advise you to become a franchise owner. You can see other information about working with the card, cashback offers and the Callidus franchise below.

Callidus card video
Instructions for ordering and working with the card

How to register my Callidus Private Package?

How to order a Callidus card?

Working with the card

How to cancel the Callidus package?

Other important information

How to register as a franchise owner?

How do I search and find cashback offers?

Which channels to use to recommend Callidus products?

How to get my Callidus Private Package for free?

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