Promo price list for 2024
Price List
Private Package annual cost (IBAN + VISA physical card + VISA virtual card)
36.00 EUR
Private Package monthly cost (IBAN + VISA physical card + VISA virtual card)
2.99 EUR
KYC, card personalization, shipping fee for delivering the card to an EU address
13.85 EUR
Private Package first order (Annual Package price + KYC + Card personalization + Shipping fee)
49.85 EUR
Private package second and every subsequent order
44.85 EUR
Purchasing an individual physical card (after purchasing the Private Package) - annually
9.00 EUR
Purchasing an individual virtual card (after purchasing the Private Package) - annually
3.00 EUR
Card payment fee (payment at a POS or other terminal in or outside the EU, and decline of card payment fee)
0.15 EUR
SEPA outbound transfer
0.15 EUR
SEPA inbound transfer
0.15 EUR
Transactions between own and all other Callidus Pay accounts/cards
0.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal fee
1.50 EUR
Chargeback fee (refund to original account)
35.00 EUR
Callidus Franchise license annual cost
1900.00 EUR
Card Limits
ATM single withdrawal
550.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal daily limit
550.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal weekly limit
1600.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal monthly limit
4600.00 EUR
Single payment
5000.00 EUR
Daily payment
10000.00 EUR
Monthly payment
30000.00 EUR
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